Jennie Booth BSc Lic Ac MBAcC


Jennie’s fascination with Chinese medicine started when she underwent a course of acupuncture treatment as a teenager.

It was transformative, I can remember coming out of the treatment feeling more like myself than I had ever done! It was as though until that point I had been walking 2 steps behind myself.

Jennie studied extensively before qualifying in both styles of Traditional Acupuncture practiced in the West: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Five Elements. This integration of both styles of Acupuncture provides an opportunity for resolution often at both a physical and emotional level.

So often treatment exceeds a client's initial objectives and opens up a whole new set of expectations about health as far more than just the absence of illness

Jennie has a specialist interest in supporting those with and beyond a Cancer diagnosis and dedicates a portion of her practice to The Breast Cancer Haven in Hereford. As a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), Jennie has a commitment to continuing her professional development and regularly attends conferences, courses, seminars and training days to update and improve her knowledge and practice of Traditional Acupuncture.