Cancer Care


As resident Acupuncturist for a national Breast Cancer charity, Jennie has a specialist interest in supporting those living with and beyond a Cancer diagnosis. Many do not feel ill at the time of diagnosis before cancer treatment begins. It can sometimes be months or even years later when treatment is finished that the emotional and physical legacy is felt. This can be hard to make sense of for individuals and loved one especially if the “all clear” has been given.

There is a significant and growing amount of research evidence to suggest that there is much we can do to help patients through and beyond their diagnosis. Acupuncture can help to moderate the side effects of treatment such as:

• chemotherapy induced nausea
• fatigue
• sleeplessness
• anxiety
• hormone therapy induced hot flushes

and night sweats

Acupuncture can also be a useful support to pre-existing conditions which don’t necessarily go away with a cancer diagnosis. Moderating pain and supporting underlying health and well-being can improve quality of life at all levels even when a prognosis is uncertain or medication is an ongoing prospect.

Acupuncture’s strength lies in its ability to understand and support the individual and their unique experience of their bodies and emotions. Many find Acupuncture a supportive treatment in re-establishing a new and healthier balance in life, despite a Cancer diagnosis.